Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 1

A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

this is a recent picture of me :)

and 15 'interesting' facts about me  -->

1. i'm a Sabahan who will speak fluently in Tanah Melayu slang

2. i'm a freelance article writer Online FM

3. i'm who have done Hotel Management for my diploma and still fighting in Physical Education for my degree ;)

4. i'm singing and playing guitar and ukelele.. just trying to learn playing keyboard

5. i'm ended my day almost at my room

6. i'll crying before i sleep

7. have a bad luck in love story.. ha ha ha ha

8. reading alternatives book production is my hobby 

9. i'm a coffeeholic

10. love Mat Luthfi and Anwar Hadi. ha ha ha ha ha

11. i love karaoke

12. i love blogging

13. i love stalking

14. i love laughing 

15. i don't like chatting on phone when i'm in class

16. i don't like go to toilet if my lecturer still on their lecture.. that's why i need 'take 5' a lots!

17. i love to keeping inside what i'm feeling

18. there is only few people who knows my life story

19. my parents never ask me not to marry with tanah melayu's man, but i'm always afraid if i did marry with tanah melayu's man, i will not able to go back sabah frequently.. :(

20. i'm a paranoid about man

21. i don't have a car licence, and motorcycle

22. i'm a loving person, but i don't know how to show that i love them

23. i have a big egos, i'll never chatting with anyone if they not chatting me first (only man) ha ha ha

24. i'm half SUNGAI and Half SULUK

25. my bapa and my kakak call me endut, my mama call me yay, my abang-abang, adik, close friends, whole family call me buyay, my nieces call me mak lang, my diploma's and degree's friends call me akma/kema, and half of them call me DG :)

26. recently i missing myself before, i miss to lepak at mamak watching football, walking all the way to jusco and karaoke, laughing so loud, going to gigs, have a pillow talk every night.. oh gosh! aku rindu!

27. i love to have a non-formal vocal class with my bapa

28. me and bapa always watching singing competition on TV and we will discuss how wrong they'd singing. Ha ha ha ha ha

29. i don't like throwing my past things even it will remember me about my past

30. last but not least, i don't like shopping GIRL THINGS but i like to accompany my friends to shopping ^_^

okay, kau tahu betapa susahnya aku mencari benda yang menarik pada diriku ini.. hahahaha.. pening kepala..

♥♥ Hasil Tarian Jemari Cik Kema ♥♥

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