Sunday, December 30, 2012

Again. Again.

Describe yourself and your life with ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

A - Age: Turning 23 next september..(OMG i'm getting older..hahhaha)

B - Bed Size: single size at the Hostel and Queen size at home (can't wait !!) 

C - Chore you hate: sapu rumah..HAHAH 

D - Dad's name: Datu Mohd Kamalun. they call him Datu K..muahahahah..

E - Essential start your day item: Air. 

F - Favorite colours: red, pink, black, purple

G - Gold or Silver: Silver 

H - Height: 158cm 

I - Instruments you play(ed): Guitar 

J- Job title: Future PJ teacher

K - Kid(s): Love ‘em when they’re not rude. (the answer same with anakpakman) 

L - Living arrangements: B304,Kolej Aminuddin Baki, UPSI Tanjung Malim, Perak

M - Mom's name: Rinang Dasip @ Norfauziah Mohammad

N - Nicknames: Buyay, Akma, Kema, DG, Dayang

O - Overnight hospital stay: selalu masa keci-kecil sebab ada asma. then, when 12th i was admitted because of food poisoning.. -,-

P - Pet Peeve: unknown -,-

Q - Quote from a movie: "Kalau ada jodoh, kita jumpa lagi"- Miasara (Sekali Lagi)

R - Right or left hand: Right Hand will start first!

S - Siblings: 1 older sister, 2 big brother, 1 lil brother-> Ayu (27), Gino (26), Kok Boy (25), Idol (19)

T - Time you wake up: when my alarm start singing, sometime i will snooze it.. (5 a.m) 

U - Underwear: secret! 

V - Vegetable you dislike: Petai

W - Ways you run late: walking faster.. i will not in mood (i don't like late..argghh~)

X - X-rays you've had: i think it more than 3 times..

1. when i got car accident. 
2. Diploma (medical check-up).
3. Industrial Training (Medical Check-up)
4. Degree in Uitm Puncak Alam for only 1 month (Medical Check-up)
5. Degree in Upsi (Medical Check-up)

Y - Yummy food you make: can't count.. i like try new recipes! i like food and i like cook!

Z - Zoo favourite: Lok Kawi (the only zoo i've visited!)

Kalau SUKA sila FOLLOW, kalau TAK suka sila SENYUM ^_^

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