Wednesday, October 10, 2012

a month..

it's been a month..
and next month he will getting married..
i hope u will be live happily forever and ever after till jannah..

i already let u go with all my love..
with the lovely wishes that u will be happy with your future wife..

for all what we have done before..
i never regret it..
but i was little sad that i'm not the one..
not the one who are can be with you forever..

i accept all the reason..
all the reason caused you make this decision..
even it's hurt.. but i try to move on..
please pray for me.. friend said "hey, no one can accept it as u do.."
but i try my best to understand that u leave me for someone else with some reason..

and now, 
what i can say is..
selamat pengantin baru...

i will find someone NOT like you..
i will not!
InsyaAllah.. :)

Love ^_^

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